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Our DC Movers will go above and beyond for you on every move!

orangearrow21. Clean Trucks – Our local movers DC are not junk haulers and we don’t put trash in our trucks – ever! In fact, our trucks are cleaned twice a day and blankets are steamed once a week.

2. Proficiently Trained and Reliable Moving Crew – Our Monster Movers system makes it easy to manage smaller moving and storage facilities giving personalized attention to our crews and your move.

3. Knowledge of Moving and Storage Industry – Monster Movers DC is no exception from our other local branches – we know what we are doing. You can feel safe with the knowledge we provide about your move to help you make the right choice when it comes to you local or long distance move to, from or in Washington, DC.

4. Long Distance Moving – Our long distance movers provide flat rates and guaranteed dates on all moves to and from DC, VA, FL, MA, NH, NC, PA, SC, NY, CT, NYC, TX, CO, and CA. We have express delivery for all moves from, to and on the way from our movers in Boston, Massachusetts and DC.

5. Additional Services – Movers DC delivers the very best movers and packers, overnight, weekly and moving & storage. **Note all storage is for our moving customers only and is climate controlled.

Monster Movers DC embodies teamwork and commitment to quality. We are the best Movers in DC!

long-distance-movers-boston-jpg-240x245Moving Out-of-State? Monster Movers provides door-to-door long distance moving services including storage. We use smaller 26 ft moving trucks which means you will have your shipment in 1-4 days. No load swapping, shuttle fees, mileage fees, fuel surcharges, etc. Just Flat-Rate Long Distance Moving Services. Monster Movers provides flat rate moving services for all interstate shipments to and from MA.

Licensed, Insured Movers in Massachusetts DOT Info: MC# 809301 DOT# 1012377 MDTE# 30828


MOVERS DC – Start with getting a free estimate for your local DC movers or long distance movers in DC. A second window will pop up where you can input your entire inventory. We will then send you a guaranteed flat rate moving estimate for your DC move!