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Monster Movers is a full service moving company specializing in long distance moves to and from California. All off our long distance movers are full time and trained. Long distance moves have flat rates and guaranteed delivery date options. Average long distance moving prices for an average 2 bedroom are below – you can visit our moving estimate page to begin your moving process and get a quote.


Long Distance Moves to or from Orange County

Moving MA to CA $3400

Moving NY to CA $4000

Moving TX to CA $3600

Moving CT to CA $3200

Moving ME to CA $4800

Moving FL to CA $ 4600

Average moving prices above are for a 14 day delivery – add an additional 20% ( or so) for a guaranteed pick-up or delivery date

You can begin your long distance move by filling out a moving estimate form. Following the form will be a second estimate form where you can fill out your inventory for a guaranteed long distance move quote.

long-distance-movers-boston-jpg-240x245Moving Out-of-State? Monster Movers provides door-to-door long distance moving services including storage. We use smaller 26 ft moving trucks which means you will have your shipment in 1-4 days. No load swapping, shuttle fees, mileage fees, fuel surcharges, etc. Just Flat-Rate Long Distance Moving Services. Monster Movers provides flat rate moving services for all interstate shipments to and from MA.

Licensed, Insured Movers in Massachusetts DOT Info: MC# 809301 DOT# 1012377 MDTE# 30828