Monster Movers has been the top rated moving company for residents moving to Florida since 1999.  The long distance moving company has seen patterns of more retirees, millennials, and families alike moving to the Sunshine state so it is fair to ask the question “Why is everyone moving to Florida” to these movers who speak to over 10000 people per month that are moving to Florida. It is estimated that about 900 people move to Florida every day and the state has seen an increase in luxury home sales as people from the Northeast are abandoning big cities and moving to Florida’s sunny climate.  However, weather is not the only reason residents have flocked to Florida Here are the top 5 reasons people are moving to Florida. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Everyone is Moving To Florida in 2021.

No State Income Tax

Florida residents pay no state income or estate tax. There’s a reason Donald Trump decided to have his main residence in Florida.  Along with many other wealthy millionaires in Florida their money is is worth so much more in Florida. Florida’s appeal rose when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 limited to $10,000 the amount of total state and local taxes that can be deducted on a federal income tax return.

Homestead Exemption of up to $50,000

Florida residents who own property receive a homestead exemption of up to $50,000 on a primary residence and a 3 percent annual cap on home assessments.

Weather/Lifestyle Changes

Let’s face it many people who decide to move from north are sick of the horrible weather and the additional costs of maintaining a home, car, and clothing expenses.  Those moving from Boston to Florida say snow and ice is their main motivation to move to Florida

 Political Reasons

As the country has divided itself in 2020, residents who are traditional republicans say they find refuge in Florida a long-time traditionally red state. Those moving for political reasons tend to move to either Florida or have chosen to move to Texas. Find out more about why people are moving to Texas.


Many elite athletes have decided to live in Florida so they can train 365 days a year.  Florida is home to some of the top US swimmers, runners and bicycle enthusiasts. Not to mention Florida has long been one of the top surfing destinations.


Moving to Florida from Boston, New York, or any other northern state can be a stressful time. A quick search Monster Movers Near Me will show you these long distance movers have locations all along the East Coast. Monster Movers Near Me is a flat rate, private moving company and have helped over 20,000 people move to Florida. Learn more about Monster Movers moving companies near me.  After speaking with all of our customers and having intimate knowledge of every corner of Florida – here is where to move in Florida

10. Moving to Ocala 

Ocala Florida is known as “horse country.” It is a large area with large parcels of land that is still generally undeveloped.  However, the area is lacking in shopping, grocery stores and amenities.

9. Moving to Melbourne 

Home to Beautiful beaches, this area has a lot of retirees and younger people alike.  Melbourne has one of the best high schools in the state – definitely deserves a look.

8. Moving to Lakeland

Lakeland home prices are some of the lowest in the state and is smack dab in between the beautiful beaches of ST. Petes and Orlando which has every amenity you would ever need.  However, crime in this area is very high – Do your due diligence when choosing a neighborhood

7. Moving to Orlando

Orlando should really be higher on this list but ever since covid the area has lost a lot of jobs and many are without work.  That being said, Orlando is a fantastic place to live if you can secure employment. There are never-ending things to do and as the “franchise capitol of the world” there are always new restaurants and things to try out.

6. Moving to Port St Lucie

Port St Lucie is an absolutely beautiful place to live – boardwalks, beaches, botanical gardens, museums, waterparks – moving to Port St Lucie is a literal dream. PSL is really drawing in millennials with it’s breweries and party vibe. Also, many families migrate to areas like Jacksonville or Naples where there are better schools.

5. Moving to Naples

Claiming one of the top spots, Naples has one of the best education districts in the state and many top performers end up at University of Florida and other top tier universities. Naples is one of the best places to raise a family – little crime, beaches, great schools, overall a very nice community with tons of amenities

4. Moving to Miami

Miami has long been a party city for those that need the sun in their face. Miami is currently going through a gentrification process which can cause some strife in-between neighborhoods.  With some of the best schools in the world, many international millionaires call Miami home.

3. Moving to Tampa 

Tampa, now home to previous Boston resident Tom Brady who was just quoted saying ” I will never live in New England again”. We feel you Tom! Tampa is an amazing city with the most beautiful beaches, recreation, low crime rate, extremely affordable living, and great restaurants nearby.  Tampa schools have a ways to go but there is a large homeschooling community here.

Moving to Jacksonville has not been as popular until about 3 years ago.  With the addition of many master planned communities like Nocatee, and St Johns this area is booming.  St Johns is in south Jacksonville and has the best schools in the entire state. Pair that with a 15 minute drive to world class beaches, great shopping, only 2 hours to Disney and this could easily climb to the top spot next year.

1. Moving to St Augustine

In between Orlando and Jacksonville sits this sunny beach town.  St Augustine is an amazing town and some say it brings them lots of good energy. The streets are lined with great restaurants, hippy crystal shops and surf spots.  If you are moving to St Augustine, it will be hard to find a place, houses are flying off of the market – especially those near the beach. The schools are amazing and if you have a child athlete there will be enough competition for him/her in any sport.