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The best movers in Bridgewater MA offer free flat rate moving quotes for moves to, from or within Bridgewater. Whether you’re moving to Paper Mill Village, Winter St, Downtown, East Bridgewater or West Bridgewater,  Monster Movers  moving is happy to provide students and families with professional moving crews. If you’re a college student moving into your new home for the school year or a family looking for a change, Monster Movers is the moving company you can trust to get the job done right!  Our moving helpers are full time, trained, and background checked before stepping foot inside your residence. Monster Movers is a private moving company which means we will never bombard you with sales calls, sell your move, trade your move or swap your move with another company. Our moving crews perform their own moves. Our moving helpers are not affiliated with any franchise, broker or van line so we are much more affordable and provide a higher quality service than ones who are!

Our moving helpers can help you move anything! We have been in business since 1999 and have moved pretty Buch everything. Moving inside, or away from, Bridgewater, MA needn’t be stressful once you enlist the assistance of the seasoned moving professionals at Monster Movers. Other moving services we offer that you may need are listed below:
When hiring our services, here is what to expect from our moving helpers in Bridgewater:

Materials and Supplies for Moving – Our moving helpers come prepared with extra thick moving blankets, dollies, hand trucks, tools, tape, boxes, rubber bands and straps. When doing an DIY move the cost for these is hundreds of dollars so it is best to hire a full service moving company for this reason alone!

No Hidden Fees –  You will find it refreshing to know that our moving helpers provide 100% guaranteed moving quotes on all moves. Are moving costs are transparent with no hidden fees like mileage, gas, tolls, taxes, shuttle fees, stair fees, elevator fees, long walk fees, etc.  Our moving staff can help you find the most cost effective way to move. Learn more about saving money on your move.

Disassembly and Assembly of Furniture –  Full service movers will make sure all of your large, unwieldy, and/or heavy furniture makes it to your final destination intact. Part of this includes partial or disassembly of furniture reassembly at the destination.

Loading and Unloading – Leave the heavy lifting to our professional movers.  After packing up your home, full service movers will load everything safely on to the truck, including any appliances that you’re bringing along with you. When you arrive at your new home, they’ll unload the truck as well. All of our movers are full time, trained and background checked before stepping foot in your home.

Specialty Services –  Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, full service movers can pack, and move anything. You’ll also be provided with a delivery window for when your stuff will arrive.

Disposal of Debris –  A move can leave you with lots of cardboard boxes that need to be recycled, as well as other materials that need to be properly disposed. Your full service movers can make sure everything gets disposed of in the correct way and will completely take care of the mess that you’re left with after all your belongings are unboxed.

Average Moving Costs Bridgewater MA

Average moving costs in Bridgewater should range:

2 men and a truck $135-$189/hr

3 men and a truck $160-$209/hr

When moving, you will pay for what you get and any movers charging less than this I would be skeptical of.  It probably means they are unlicensed or without proper insurance. Our moving calculator can help you figure out how much you might spend on a full service move based on how much you own and how far you’re moving. Ultimately, the more assistance you want or need, the more you’re going to pay, with full service moving companies generally costing about  an hour per mover. Your final price will depend on:

  • Number of movers and trucks needed
  • Volume of goods
  • Distance between load and offload
  • If packing is needed
  • Specialty Services
  • Time of year and month you are moving


Monster Movers full service moving helpers are the gold standard in moving services, and well worth the cost if you have the money to spend. If you’re looking to do as little work as possible for your next move, start doing your research on full service movers in your area and find a company that offers exactly what you’re looking for. Selecting the best moving company for the job will be the most work you’ll have to put into your move, which doesn’t sound all that bad.

Our moving crews can be hired to plan your move, organize packing, safely transport your possessions and set up you at your new location with ease. We manage residential or commercial moves from start to finish, or provide only the services that you need. Our Movers Near Me in Bridgewater are moving professionals that consistently adhere to the highest safety standards in the business and work closely with customers to meet any moving need.
If you are planning a local move in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, we are certainly at the top of your list when choosing a moving company. Our local movers in Bridgewater are top ranked in the state. We have full time moving crews that live and play in Bridgewater. We never sell, swap or trade your shipment.  Learn more about local movers near me.
Whether you are moving a room, a studio, dorm, condo, apartment or mansion across the country – we have you covered.  Our long distance movers in Bridgewater are known as the best in the industry. We have expedited long distance moving services which means you get your shipment in 5 days or less anywhere in the US unlike other carriers that take up to 14 days! Our long distance movers follow all safety procedures and have an excellent record with the DOT. We are a private, flat rate long distance moving company. Learn more about long distance movers near me.
Transferring an office is not a simple job. It requires no small amount of preparation to be certain that every piece of equipment and all desks are clearly labeled and organized so that everything is sent to where it needs to be. We realize that our Bridgewater, MA customers need their companies moved swiftly so they can return to work as soon as possible because time is money.
Sometimes you have to move out of a place but can’t bring all your stuff with you at the moment. We’ll continue to keep your belongings safe and secure until you are ready for them. Our moving and storage services are among the best in the Massachusetts as we offer overnight storage, short term storage and long term storage and moving services.
Our office and commercial moving services in Bridgewater have moved numerous small and large businesses in Massachusetts and have the training and know-how to provide excellent commercial moves.
There are never any hidden fees when you plan your relocation using Monster Movers. There will be no hidden fees or additional fees added at the end of the move.
 Each member of our staff, including sales advisers, packers, and vehicle operators, are well trained and extremely experienced with handling local or long distance moves in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Our staff lives here and our reputation is extremely important to us.
Monster Movers moving helpers offer flat rate moving quotes and have a safe, reliable fleet of trucks equipped to accommodate commercial or residential moving projects of any size.
Fully insured and bonded, Monster Movers provides protected storage options, quality moving materials and specialized solutions to make sure your possessions are completely protected no matter where in Massachusetts your are moving to
For local or long distance movers in Bridgewater, MA, exceptional residential or office moving services, overnight storage , and every other moving and storage need – check out the moving professionals at MONSTER MOVERS!

Our movers near me offer a wide variety of services to help make your moving process as painless as possible. Our storage units are available for monthly rental to store your seasonal equipment, office furniture, unsold inventory, and more. Your will find our moving helpers provide moving supplies such as boxes and labels that will keep you organized through your move. Our trucks and movers are available for emergency moves, long distance moves, estate cleaning, and other moving services that you may need.


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