What are senior transitions?

Senior transitions is a specific moving system that Monster Movers follows when moving senior citizens. The process of moving senior citizens applies to those age 55+ moving into 55+ housing, elderly housing, assisted living, or undesignated housing. When hiring Monster Movers for a senior citizen move, you will find that our entire staff will assist you and your loved ones in this sensitive journey.

Why senior transitional services?

Since moving is the second most stressful time in a person’s life (aside from marriage), our moving staff is educated in all aspects of the moving experience.

How is senior transitions different from local Monster Movers services?

Senior transitions are usually taken a bit slower than local Monster Moving services. Generally, we add an additional half hour for every four hours of moving. If you have hired Monster Movers before, you know that our crew members hustle and are very methodical with their procedure. When hiring a senior transitions service, we do our best to accommodate the sensitive nature of each move. Our entire moving staff is trained with the following regards to senior citizen moving: effectively managing items that are important to seniors, conducting moves for senior citizens who may not want to move, communicating tactfully during the senior moving process, procedures when dealing with hypersensitivity during a move.

Monster Movers understands this delicate time in a person’s life and we are happy to provide a careful stress-free move for senior citizens.