localbannermovers-worcester-ma1. Moving is Easy – We plan every last detail of your move ahead of time.  This means no surprises for you, no additional fees or charges.  We protect floors, furniture and bring a plethora of tools to disassemble and reassemble mirrors, tv stands, tables, beds, etc.  Our trucks house additional boxes and materials for those just in case moments.

2. Moving is Safe – Our moving crews have over five years of experience, are trained by our learning software and on-site training house.  Safety is key and our monthly safety meetings keep our staff up-to-date on new DOT safety concerns.

3. We Move Everything – We have a highly-skilled group of movers.  We have moved everything – priceless artwork, chandeliers, a phone booth, many, many cubicles, and pianos of all sizes.  Our moving crews are pretty exclusive and are usually recommended by name to friend all around Massachusetts.

4. Moving is Organized – Automated inventory for local moves going into storage and utilized by  long distance localc1movers.  Monster Movers now has 5 boutique moving company locations in MA providing personalize, organized moving services.

5. We Know MA – Our trucks are all gps tracked, our drivers have intricate knowledge of back roads, bridges, safety measures, and right of ways.  Rest assured our moving crews will not get lost, be late or compromise your shipment – ever.

long-distance-movers-boston-jpg-240x245Moving Out-of-State? Monster Movers provides door-to-door long distance moving services including storage. We use smaller 26 ft moving trucks which means you will have your shipment in 1-4 days. No load swapping, shuttle fees, mileage fees, fuel surcharges, etc. Just Flat-Rate Long Distance Moving Services. Monster Movers provides flat rate moving services for all interstate shipments to and from MA.

Licensed, Insured Movers in Massachusetts DOT Info: MC# 809301 DOT# 1012377 MDTE# 30828

All of our local moving crews are CORI-passed, background checked, trained and full time. All of our local moving trucks are low carbon and new. Every local Monster Movers crew will have tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture, steam-cleaned moving pads and the highest quality moving materials should you require packing.

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