If you are searching for long distance movers near me or long distance moving companies near me – this is for you! The average person does not understand exactly how moving companies work so we want to make sure you have accurate information and can make the choice for you long distance move simple.  There are 4 types of long distance movers:

  1. Moving Brokers – Normally moving brokers charge 30% fees ( and more) to their affiliates who may or may not be licensed, insured. Frankly you have no control on who will be coming to move your stuff. This is the cheapest route for moving long distance but as the years old fable states “you get what you pay for.” This option is best for residents who have very little to move and nothing expensive. It is nearly impossible to chase down anyone with responsibility.
  2. Private Moving Company – Private long distance moving companies are not affiliated with a franchise, broker or van line and are the second least expensive way to move. Private moving companies have the same driver at the load as the offload. You can expect an excellent service from any private long distance moving company because they don’t have the fees that come with being involved with a broker, van line etc. Consumers will also find their shipments will not be swapped, mixed, sold, traded, etc. Learn more about private long distance moving companies near me.
  3. Van Line – 90% of van lines are all actually the same company just like Coca Cola owns Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Barq’s, SIRVA owns most of the van lines so when you are getting the “three moving estimates” that van lines say you should get – they are all the same company. Surprise! Also, these companies have horrible reviews and have been bailed out numerous times. Van lines charge exuberant fees to their moving companies so they have to stay with them to pay off debt therefore charging 30-50% off of each long distance move.
  4. Moving Company Franchise – So, you thought van lines sounded like corporate greed? Try moving franchises – take a look at their reviews first. And not the filtered ones on their website. Check on page 2-3 on google where all the thousands of horrible move reviews reside. Frankly they have the best marketing but the worst overall reputation.
Long Distance Movers Near Me
Long Distance Movers Near Me

If you are looking to support small business over corporate greed, hire a private long distance mover that hires full time labor and cares about employees. 

Long Distance Moving Help

Many people think that moving means long packaging and putting out boxes in trucks. The truth is that preparation starts long before trucks are in front of your house. On moving day, our goal, as one of the leading long distance moving companies, is to make sure that all your personal belongings are protected and packaged correctly inside of the truck. This means making sure that nothing will slide or move from left to right during the moving process. This takes precision and expertise, expertise that our long distance movers can handle. We think of it as a game of Tetris that requires skill and a careful attitude.


Even if you know where and how you will move in, the moving itself is actually the biggest step. When the excitement and hurry start you may forget about important things. Planning your move begins with getting a flat rate, not to exceed moving quote. Simply input your inventory or upload pictures and we can get you a moving a guaranteed moving quote with many options. Monster Movers are the best long distance movers for any move and guarantee:

  • Family owned and operated for over 15 years
  • Ability to add additionally insured companies on our policy within 24 hours
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Better Business Bureau “A+” Rated
  • Reasonable prices (no hidden charges)
  • On time service
  • Ability to perform last minute moves
  • Sterilized moving blankets and clean trucks, uniformed crews
  • Full time background checked employees
  • Professional packing services


While some moving companies will get as angry as Poseidon if a move date has to switch or cancel, Monster Movers does not take a deposit until 24 hours before the move giving you plenty of time to reschedule without any penalty. Our long distance moving deposits are only 20% whereas other moving companies are upwards of 50%! Also the balance of 80% is due at delivery not at pick-up. This ensures you can check the move before paying! If long distance movers near me charge over 20%, I would highly consider paying by credit card in case you need to cancel and a chargeback has to be made.


Average moving prices for 2021 will be determined on a number of factors:

  • Time of the Year
  • Time of the Month
  • Volume/ Weight of Items
  • How Fast You Need Your Items At the New Location
  • Specialty Services like Packing and Crating
  • Specialty Moving like Pianos or Hot Tubs
  • Quality of Service

Learn more about average long distance moving prices.


Our long-distance movers are fast, professional and extremely careful with your belongings. From loading to unloading — and everything in between — you can trust that your items will arrive safely and on-time, guaranteed.


We provide the professional help in packaging, transportation and caring about your stuff and valuable things. People who work for us are specially trained for long distance moving and have years of experience. Whatever bothers you, they will understand and help you with pieces of advice and assistance.

  • Guaranteed Pricing Available
  • Professional Uniformed Staff
  • Full Service Packing as well as Unpacking
  • Short & Long-Term Storage
  • Online Shipment Tracking
  • Quality Packing Supplies
  • Padded Blankets for Furniture
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Background Checked and Trained Drivers & Crews
  • Crating of Antiques & Fine Art
  • Debris Removal


White Glove long distance movers near me are for those moving from a mini-mansion and larger or for those moving into a luxury condo. White Glove movers have higher liability insurance limits that many luxury buildings in Miami and NYC require. White glove long distance movers also go above and beyond when protecting your items and residence from moving. They will bring floor covering, door jam covers, and perform your move with delicate care.


Our long-distance moving services are available for moves almost anywhere in the United States. Whether you’re moving 300 miles or 3,000, you can count on our professional long-distance moving companies to get your items where they needs to go — safely, affordably and on your schedule. There are many reasons for using long distance moving companies near me. Whether you are moving across the country or just another state over, Monster Movers is by far the best choice when hiring long distance movers. Simply put, our employees are number 1. They get paid the top salaries in the industry and we are rated one of the best workplaces and have excellent reviews. Our employees work and live in your community and we support small businesses, non-profits and offer huge discounts to educators, essential workers, veterans and senior citizens.  Learn more about hiring long distance moving companies near me.


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