There are only a few movers that have the ability to provide professional moving services on the same day. Our staff  understands that our customers require special attention in extreme emergency moving situations. Whether your other moving company didn’t show up or you have procrastinated – we won’t judge! Your last minute movers near me are a quick phone call away!  If you are one of those who need movers ASAP we have helped hundreds of customers forced to leave their residence fast that call us to handle a last minute move. Our moving helpers will do the impossible for your short notice last minute moving request.


If you need  Same Day Movers Near Me, we are a private, family owned, safe and reliable relocation company in any last minute relocation company since 1999 that has dealt with all obstacles and special requirements that you can imagine. You can trust our emergency movers moving expertise when you need any day movers ASAP.


Most moving companies provide high price quotes for same day moving or last minute moves, at Monster Movers our rates will never change. We will provide the same pricing or and it will cost you the same as a regularly scheduled move. Please let us know as soon as you are aware of the emergency moving time and date. Our moving helpers can assist you for any emergency move will contact you back ASAP with a free moving quote and approximate moving cost on your last minute move or same day notice moving. Our emergence moving crews can also help with overnight moving as well.

Last Minute Movers Near Me
Last Minute Movers Near Me

Need Movers Near Me ASAP

Contact us now for your last minute same day, next day moving requirements or emergency moving and we will take care of your moving needs when you need us the most. We are available 24/7 for you and your short notice moving requests. Call Now the emergency movers: 877-470-1247 or you can text: 857-526-6887

Are you scrambling to find movers at the last minute, same day, or for a short notice move?  If you are searching for last minute movers near me fill out the last minute moving quote form to get help with your move ASAP!

Find out how much your move costs!

How To Hire Same Day Movers Near Me?

Whether you knew moving day was looming, but just procrastinated like a champ, or you’re relocating suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances, like a natural disaster, job change, or eviction, we can help you. Our moving crews are family owned and operated and have 15 different locations across the US. Our private moving company can help you hire same day movers near me, so you get the moving help you need ASAP!

24/7 Furniture Delivery

You finally bought that expensive living room set  you’ve been eyeing but have no way to get it home from the store. Request same-day delivery service and find movers near me close to you for door-to-door delivery!

Last Minute Loading Help Near Me

Find movers nearby who will get there in a jiffy to pick up your load and deliver it the same day! Professionals come equipped with essentials to load your moving truck and make your move speedy. If you need last minute moving help loading a container or storage unit our staff is your number one pick!

Last Minute Unloading Near Me

Have you arrived in a new town without any resources to help you unload your moving truck? Our last minute movers  can get you unloaded in no time as we provide same day moving services at bargain rates. Our moving crews do the work, we are not a third party.

Last Minute Packing Help

Are you searching for last minute packing help? Getting packed to move is half the moving battle. If you find yourself frantically throwing things in boxes, but don’t know how you’ll ever get packed up in time, take a deep breath and give Movers Near Me a call! We are professional who can quickly tackle the entire packing process for you. They’ll have your dishes, books, clothes, and everything else snuggly packed in no time! These movers also help with unpacking, if getting settled into your new place promptly is priority #1.

Same Day Furniture Delivery

You finally bought that gorgeous couch you’ve been coveting but have no way to get it home from the store. Request same-day delivery service and find movers near me close to you for door-to-door delivery!

Book a Last Minute Move

Lots of times customers book a move and their movers don’t show up for numerous reasons and they are stuck without a moving company and a strict time-frame. An emergency move can make your palms sweat and your heart race as you scramble to get everything done. Instead of panicking about that long to-do list and the ticking clock, our moving helpers can help you with:

  • Same Day Movers Near Me: We also offer overnight moving services if needed.
  • Last minute Long Distance Movers Near Me: Having to plan a last minute long distance movers near me at the last minute isn’t ideal.
  • Last Minute Movers Nearby: If you’re frantic to find last minute help, you may not feel like you have the time to find a legitimate mover.
  • Private Movers Near Me: Monster Movers is not a network – we do not hire third party movers. We have full time last minute movers that are highly-trained, knowledgeable movers who know how to work quickly and carefully to get you moved.
  • Last Minute Moving Quote One of the best parts of our service is getting a free moving quote only from our company so you aren’t bombarded by 5-10 moving companies giving you exorbitant rates because of the last minute needs.