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monster-movers-contactDuring our normal business hours of 7am-6pm, customers can call our toll free call center number at 1-877-470-1247.  From there, any representative that answers the phone has been trained and directed to help you in any way from start to finish.  If you have a general question regarding your move – you can check our moving terms and conditions and/or tips using the link on the right.  You can also email with any questions about your move.

Monster Movers is a moving company with a flagship location and call center in MA with additional moving companies with movers in RI, movers in CT, movers in ME,movers in NH, movers in VA, movers in MD, movers in DC,movers in NJ, movers in NY, movers in NC, movers in SC,movers in TX and movers in FL.  Please visit our national website if you are looking for a mover in another state.

long-distance-movers-boston-jpg-240x245Moving Out-of-State? Monster Movers provides door-to-door long distance moving services including storage. We use smaller 26 ft moving trucks which means you will have your shipment in 1-4 days. No load swapping, shuttle fees, mileage fees, fuel surcharges, etc. Just Flat-Rate Long Distance Moving Services. Monster Movers provides flat rate moving services for all interstate shipments to and from MA.

Licensed, Insured Movers in Massachusetts DOT Info: MC# 809301 DOT# 1012377 MDTE# 30828

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