Boston Movers Rates will vary depending on the quality of your moving company, where your movers are coming from and all of your move details. We have included an average moving cost table below. If you are interested in an instant moving quote (without the annoying sales calls) you can request a moving quote here. When looking for Boston’s best rate movers  a few things about the rates, how they differ and what should be included in it before you book with a mover and avoid those pesky hidden moving fees.

Average Boston Movers Rates

Room or Less $140/hr $200-$350
Studio $150/hr $400-$600
One Bedroom $170/hr $500-$750
Two Bedroom $191/hr $600 – $900
Three Bedroom (house) $200/hr $900-$1400
Four Bedroom (house) $225/hr $1600+

These costs are made by the average rate of movers in Boston $160/hr. However, these moving rates are variable depending on many factors

What is included in the hourly moving rates in Boston?

Usually when it comes to the hourly rate moving companies may not tell you all of the up front costs, so customers won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary information, but it’s not always the case. That’s why it’s important to learn before you book with the company if everything is included in the rate or you have to pay for something additional. Charges that should be included in your moving rates include tolls, gas, furniture protection, materials such as tape, blankets, shrink wrap.

Which Days to Avoid Moving Boston?

There are some days in the calendar that people prefer for moving, so if you are looking to save on your moving you should try to avoid these days – mainly the last week of the month and the 15th of the month. The busiest Boston Moving Days in the entire year, also known as “Allston Christmas” are the 31st of August and the 1st of September. This is because students move in/out this day. You can find Boston student movers here. But every month there are days when people move more often than on the other days. Pretty much every first and last day of the month is busy, as well as weekends.

Packing and Storage cost

If you are looking for an additional packing or moving service, then they are usually rated the same as moving, and for example, for an average one-bedroom apartment it will take 2 movers around 4 hours to pack. Storage rates are different and depend on such factors as location, size, and additional features like temperature control and security. Most of the local movers in Boston provide storage as well. Contact them to learn more about rates as these change constantly. Learn more about Boston Moving and Storage.

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When we say you will know how much you’ll be paying for our professional moving services upfront, we mean it! There are a number of additional services that, while costing extra, are affordable and convenient. Interested in any of our additional services? Here’s what you can expect to pay when booking with Bostons best rate movers!

Moving Permits: You will need to get a moving permit or our staff can arrange that for you if you let us know ahead of time.

Last Minute Moving In Boston: Our movers operate on your hours so regardless of if you need us day or night,  we can perform overnight moves or overnight storage securely held in our Boston location!

Holding Fee: If a customer needs to purchase holding services in order to house their belongings on the truck overnight, we can do this for $150/truck/night.

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Cheap Movers Boston

Why is Monster Movers the most affordable moving company in Boston? Simple, we are not affiliated with any third parties and we do all of our moves with our own crews.  Our staff remains completely transparent and goes the extra mile to make sure our customers always know what to expect on moving day! We also offer the cheapest, flat rates on moving services in Boston and our prices can’t be beaten. Learn more about Boston Moving Quotes.